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Street & Travel collection speaks to all adventure riders who search for exceptional riding performance. The comfort and safety are two key targets which you can achieve with Trilobite. Eat miles, thrash the dirty road, go easy through long travels and always return home with the feeling you need to relish it again and again.



New approach to the 18 collection gives a smart choice to every rider. Division into three subcategories makes a clear statement. You will find yourself from vintage to super modern style. Do you like a bit of custom or fancy, rather a gentle style or touring? Whatever you are searching for, you will find it in the following pages.


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Wearing Trilobite® means being different, same different like our products are from others available on the market. Enjoy the ride, identify yourself with your lifestyle, wear Trilobite® Premium Aramid Fashion!



We make it with passion and respect since 2012...

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