Forcefield protectors

Forcefield protectors

Forcefield has led the way in introducing the concept that body armour doesn’t have to be hard, rigid and uncomfortable to wear. We are market leaders in soft armour technology. We design our body armour so that it is flexible, moulds to the users’ body, stays in place and so comfortable that you wouldn’t think about getting on your bike without wearing it. As importantly we have proven that the performance is superior to the more mainstream hard plastic protectors. Forcefield doesn’t design products based on price. It designs to performance first. 

Hence Forcefield slogan “PROTECTION: NO COMPROMISE”

  • the best protectors for bikers in the world
  • made of NITREX, the unique patented material which absorbs energy of the impact
  • wins tests regularly and beats much more expensive opponents
  • unrivalled and unique on the market, best results in CE tests
  • highly breathable, 3D moulding technology – becomes part of the body
  •


This protected technology offers protection evenly across its surface. Most other protectors performance will vary and be inconsistent. You never know where the impact will strike!


The specialist materials used offer Repeat Performance Technology (RPT) allowing multiple impacts with no loss of protective performance. Many protectors can withstand only one impact and must be discarded after a fall.


By using a combination of specialised high-tech energy absorbing materials, the protectors are less bulky with a low profile whilst still offering unrivalled protection.


A combination of Nitrex Evo® and multi layer construction results in a system that offers both lightweight and flexible protectors. With a unique 3-Dimensional moulding characteristic the armour becomes part of the body for all day comfort with no restriction.


The unique triangular Nitrex Evo® outer grid has been designed to allow maximum air flow and breathability whilst also reducing the weight and thickness.

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