Wer bei diesem Namen zuerst an ausgestorbene Fossilien des Paläozoikums denkt, muss definitiv Archäologie studiert haben. Allen anderen, die es mit erdkundlicher Frühgeschichte unter Umständen nicht so haben sei gesagt, Trilobite ist auch der Name eines tschechischen Motorradbekleidungsherstellers. Dieser hat sich seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 2012 mit seinen Damen- und Herrenkollektionen Heritage, Urban und Street & Travel auf hochwertig verarbeitete und extravagante Jeans-Kevlar Materialien Made in Pakistan spezialisiert. Vertrieben wird die Marke in Deutschland durch die Firma Germot in Dreieich http://www.germot.de.

Trilobite 661 Parado are real motorcycle jeans. They do not hide their main purpose but they show what they are made for. On the first view you will see Parado is made for riding. A pair of these jeans will offer unrivalled riding comfort.

Probut X-Factor jeans are unbeatable all season travel equipment for riders who want maximum of functionality, protection, and comfort. With these jeans weather really doesn’t matter. When it is cold and rainy the removable inner pants made of Waterproof membrane and thermo insulating layer will do their job.

See how the best-selling Trilobite® motorcycle jeans are being produced. Experienced employees, advanced technologies, diligence and strict quality control. This is the production of the Trilobite® premium aramid fashion.

Trilobite All Ride jacket has received a prestigious "Kauf-tipp" label by German Motorrad magazine. Perfect combination of style, safety and waterproofness makes out of this jacket a perfect riding equipment for demanding riders.

TON-UP jeans are the single layer toughest pair of jeans you can get. Durable denim made from UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) can better withstand the wear-and-tear of an active lifestyle or full blown motorcycle protection.