Trilobite Omnia men black jeans

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Trilobite Omnia men black jeans
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The front part made of very durable TRI-STRETCHER denim and the back part made of flexible TRI-STRETCHER fabric guarantee the greatest comfort even during long journeys. It adapts perfectly to the figure.

Protective properties:
- composition - front side TRI-STRETCHER denim containing Dyneema, back side 100% TRI-STRETCHER Fabric
- removable CE LEVEL 2 protectors are included in knees and hips. CE LEVEL 2 knee protectors adjustable in height and side as well
- a pocket for the coccyx protector, which can be purchased separately
- AA approval according to EN 17092:3-2020
- triple seams
- Single layer
- 2 front and 2 back pockets
- 2 coin pockets + hidden back pocket
- extra zipped pockets on the thighs
- stretch panels on the bottom of the leg


A brand new composition of denim that combines Dyneema, elastane, nylon and cotton. In addition to being very light, breathable and flexible, it stands out for its extreme resistance to abrasion and tearing.

Dyneema® essentially consists of a mix of polyethylene fibers and cotton. Dyneem yarn is based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, which is produced by a special spinning process resulting in a fiber with an extremely high degree of crystallinity with the following properties:

Extreme tensile strength – the more Dyneema a denim contains, the more durable it is and it is very difficult to cut or destroy such a fabric. It is proven that it can be up to 15 times stronger than steel.

High cut resistance – denim that contains 5-10% Dyneema will be significantly stronger and more cut resistant than regular fabric.

Abrasion Resistance - using half the amount of Dyneema will improve the abrasion resistance of single ply motorcycle denim with aramid by 70%.

Chemical Resistance – While Dyneema® itself is resistant to most chemicals, we do not recommend bleaching or dry cleaning denim. This will ensure the longevity of your clothes.

Sensitivity to heat - Dyneema® has a melting point of 140-144°C and therefore do not expose the material, even for a short time, to temperatures higher than 130°C. We recommend ironing at a maximum temperature of 110°C and drying at a low temperature.